Lathrup Village envisions complete streets policy

Whether journeying to Lathrup Village by car, truck, foot, bus or bike, city organizers hope to make the journey safe and pleasant for all.

City officials are working to implement their version of this nationwide movement toward Complete Streets, envisioning streets that are safe and pleasant for bikers and walkers, as well as drivers. They worked with the Michigan Municipal League to find funding for the implementation, and have brought on board Birchler Arroyo Associates, a local community and transportation planning firm in Lathrup Village.


“We have a series of steps that we’re doing to address the complete
streets policy for the city,” explained Rod Arroyo of Birchler Arroyo
Associates. “There is an online questionnaire that is available through a
link on the city’s website that enables residents and business owners
to answer questions that address how streets are being used today, and
questions about walking and biking that are going to be helpful in terms
of getting public input. An open house is going to be held, and people
will have the opportunity to come in, hear a presentation about the
program, and provide some input into the process as well.”

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