$3 million Orion Township senior center breaks ground

The Orion Center, a new $3 million senior community center backed by the
Waste Management Fund is expected to open in September. The host
community agreement between Orion Township and Waste Management to
expand the Eagle Valley Landfill provided the township, who will
supply $600,000 towards the project, with an additional $3 million in funds to build the new

The Orion Center plans to partner with Orion Neighborhood Television
(ONTV), which will also move into the senior center. As there are many seniors
in the community already involved in ONTV, the partnership is a natural
development of the preexisting relationship. Construction on the
27,000-square-foot center began last October and will feature amenities like  an exercise room, yoga studio and library.


“In the next five to 10 years, the senior population is supposed to
increase by 25 percent. It’s pretty significant,” Sokol said. “I met
with the board, and we did a lot of population studies. They agreed this
is a need we had to look into. Our current facility, with only three
rooms, couldn’t offer the kind of programming that we will be able to
provide for seniors and the community at large.”

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