pops cork in Ferndale, seeks VC
is one of those businesses that is going against the grain in Michigan.
The Ferndale-based start-up bought a California-based Internet company
and moved it here to grow.

Michael Solarz, the company’s CEO,
and his partner, Jeff Resnick, were both born and bred in Michigan.
They liked living here and wanted to find a way to do it that wasn’t
tied to the auto industry, so they bought from San

“Within 24 hours we were doing business on the Internet,” Solarz says.

business has been going well. did more than $1 million in
sales in its first year. It expects to reach $10 million per year
within 12-24 months. The six-person firm expects to hire another 3-4
people once it hits that mark.

Right now the duo is looking for
the capital to make that happen. The firm is looking for venture
capital or an equity partner with a couple million dollars and Internet
expertise that will enable the company to reach its growth goals.

“We need someone with experience in Internet marketing,” Solarz says.

Source: Michael Solarz, CEO of
Writer: Jon Zemke