Waterford’s Sphere Trending foresees consumer future

A lot of companies want to know what’s
coming in the near future – what trends might result in profit, and how
to dodge bad situations. Sphere Trending helps businesses do just that.

Waterford-based company specializes in trend forecasting for consumer
and design firms. It also monitor’s product innovation trends,
assembling reports on everything from what will be the next in colors to
what helps make people look up from their smart phones and notice
advertising. The 10-year-old company counts a long list of Fortune 500
companies, manufacturers and national retailers as its clients.

company employs about a dozen people and two interns. Those employees
do everything from traveling through trade shows to recognize trends and
new customer bases. They also make their ways through about 10 key U.S.
cities to see how the U.S. consumer is evolving.

“As the economy
has changed so has our business model,” says Mandi Mankvitz, social
media director for Sphere
. “We know that a lot of trends won’t come from just trade

The company is looking to expand into healthcare and
automotive markets and hopes to hire a few people over the next year to
meet new business needs.

Mandi Mankvitz, social media director for Sphere Trending

Writer: Jon Zemke