Virtualeyes sees growth, to triple staff with 10-12 new jobs

Michael Medalia saw the virtues of
diversifying Metro Detroit’s economy years ago. So much so that he
started practicing what he preached, leaving his job in virtual reality
development for the auto industry to start his own company.

That’s how Virtualeyes began in 2001 with Medalia looking for a way to get off the economic rollercoaster that is the domestic auto industry.

“The writing was on the wall even way back then,” Medalia says.

pretty thankful that he read it. Today he is CEO of the Troy-based firm
that employs five people, three independent contractors and a few

Virtualeyes finds ways to make virtual reality work
for everyday businesses. For instance he created programs for
destinations that worked like custom video games. It allowed potential
investors and customers of the Royal Park Hotel in downtown Rochester and the new YMCA in downtown Detroit get a 3-D feel of what those buildings would be like before they were built.

is now working on a couple of spin-offs that could do the same thing
but more for the masses. It would allow DDAs or business owners to
create virtual reality replica’s of the shopping districts and
businesses so potential customers could see what they’re like without
even going there.

Medalia is still working on how to make his
staff accommodate those plans. It will probably require more hiring,
about 10-12 people in the long-term.

“I would love to beef up staff,” Medalia says.

Source: Michael Medalia, CEO of Virtualeyes
Writer: Jon Zemke