Virtual Spokesman brings website interaction to whole new level

The guys behind Virtual Spokesman
see a much more interactive future for websites. The Bingham
Farms-based firm specializes in creating programs for websites that
allows actors to interact with web surfers.

The start-up, only a
few months old, uses actors in front of green screens and puts them on
websites so the video of these actors appear on websites. The firm also
does this with graphics for virtual flash presentations.

end product can be a pint-sized tutor helping visitors of the website
navigate it. The firm is using this technology for the new electronic
editions of the Detroit Free Press and News.

The idea is to help
keep visitors on the website. The interactive video is much more
effective capturing a visitor’s attention and keeping it than if it
were just a static website.

The company’s co-founders, Raj
Chawla and Jason T. Ryan, see a bright future for the technology. The
firm already has a staff of about half a dozen people and hopes to grow
it in the near future.

Source: Raj Chawla, president of
Virtual Spokesman and Jason T. Ryan, vice president of sales &
marketing of Virtual Spokesman

Writer: Jon Zemke