The 2012 Passat has some roots in Auburn Hills

Faurecia North America has been contracted by VW to supply parts for the 2012 Passat. Faurecia will have its signature on parts ranging from a front-end carrier, to instrument panels, to backseat rests.  

The automotive group is headquartered in Auburn Hills and has over 9,000 employees in North America. All of its four specific supplying groups will be put to use by VW, , and Faurecia has committed production in 10 VW plants, including five in the
U.S., to supply a full range of systems and components for the Passat.


Mike Heneka, Faurecia North America president, said Tuesday the new Passat, which VW is now revealing to consumers around the country, is the largest ever. It will arrive in dealer showrooms later this year and  will be built at VW’s new assembly plant in Chattanooga, Tenn.

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