Safford & Baker law firm caters to Metro Detroit’s start-ups

Attorneys Ralph Safford and Donald Baker had hit the top of their profession in the late 1990s, making partner in prominent local law firms and aspiring to serve Metro Detroit’s growing entrepreneurial economy. Problem was, their firms didn’t share that sentiment; accordingly the pair decided to break out and start Safford & Baker, a law firm geared towards entrepreneurs.

The Bloomfield Hills-based practice got its start in 2000 and has since grown to four employees. It serves start-ups and entrepreneurs almost exclusively, representing and consulting with dozens of them across southeast Michigan. The firm has been able to carve a niche by molding its practice to suit client needs.

“The traditional law firm isn’t built to serve entrepreneurs,” says Matt Bower, an attorney with Safford & Baker. “Typical legal bills are too high for start-ups that want to stay lean and watch their capital.”

Safford & Baker accommodates by keeping overhead low and offering reasonable quotes. It offers flat fees so new companies will be certain on costs. Plus, the three lawyers love the positive aspects of the practice and can avoid the drudgery of bankruptcy law or litigation.

“It’s just fun to watch entrepreneurs get something started and to be a part of that,” Bower says.

Source: Matt Bower, an attorney with Safford & Baker
Writer: Jon Zemke