Red Level Networks adds 2 this year, looks to add more

If you’re a good IT technician, then there is a good chance Red Level Networks is looking for you.

Novi-based firm started with its founder, Dave King, and four quality
IT techs eight years ago. Today the IT firm employs 14 people and two
independent contractors. It recently added two people to its payroll
and is looking for a few more employees to fill its ranks.

“We’re always looking for good IT engineers,” says Jennifer Swiderski, marketing manager for Red Level Networks.

company has fortified its presence in southeast Michigan and is now
starting to attract clients from across the U.S. It expects to grow its
revenue by about 20 percent this year by adding $1-$1.5 million to its
bottom line.

That would allow Red Level Networks to expand even
more. It has its eyes on gaining more market share in places like Ann
Arbor, Monroe, Grand Rapids and other places further out-state.

“We’re looking to expand all the way around southeast Michigan,” Swiderski says. “We’re just looking to grow and make our mark.”

Source: Jennifer Swiderski, marketing manager for Red Level Networks
Writer: Jon Zemke