Pound & Mooney Casting gets speaking role in Michigan’s new film economy

For years, Kathy Mooney made it a point to find a place in any movie filmed in Michigan, making her a local expert at the extra and role-actor field.

Her phone started ringing off the hook when the state passed its generous film incentives earlier this year. Same thing with her long-time friend Janet Pound who is also an expert in that field.

That turned on the CFL over their heads, inspiring them to turn their passion into a full-fledged casting company this past April — Mooney & Pound Casting.

“We both had been working in this business for many years,” Mooney says. “We have known each other for a long time, too.”

The Madison Heights-based firm helps major film companies find local actors. Those actors try out for small parts in the movies. They usually consist of walk-ons and small speaking roles. Pound & Mooney Casting has put local actors in major films like Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino and made-for-TV movies like Prayers for Bobby.

Right now the company only employs the founders, however, it gives work to about half a dozen independent contractors and an occasional intern. But Mooney sees a bright future for the company as the film industry continues to grow in Michigan.

“We only expect it to grow,” Mooney says. “We hear there are a lot of movies coming to Michigan next year.”

Source: Kathy Mooney, partner with Pound & Mooney Casting
Writer: Jon Zemke