Phillips Consulting expands in IT, looking to hire

Phillips Consulting
has been helping dental and medical equipment run smoothly for a
decade, but is now expanding to do the same with computers for other
small businesses.

The Orion-based firm is expanding its services
into the remote IT sector. That way the firm’s technicians can diagnose
and solve problems for $1 a minute over the phone. The idea is that as
the economy shrinks, firms that eliminate in-house IT jobs have a
cheaper option to solve their IT problems.

This will help
Phillips Consulting to continue to create jobs. The firm has a staff of
25 people, a few independent contractors and an intern (it’s looking
for more), after adding five jobs in the last year. It plans on adding
another technician soon.

The company got its start helping
dental offices install their equipment and software. That has grown to
a client list of 1,200 businesses today that continues to expand.

found there was something lacking,” says Heather Phillips, president of
Phillips Consulting. “We noticed there were a lot of technicians who
didn’t understand the dental equipment or software.”

allowed the firm to find its niche. It plans to continue finding
small opportunities like that now that it has found a solid foothold to
stand on in the IT world.

Source: Heather Phillips, president of Phillips Consulting
Writer: Jon Zemke