Patti Engineering opens new offices, plans to hire 10

Patti Engineering is getting ready to expand its staff at home after growing its footprint across the nation.

The Auburn Hills-based company recently opened offices in Massachusetts and Texas over the last year. It is now planning to add to its staff of 34 employees and four interns. If sales continue to rise this year, Patti Engineering expects to hire another 10-11 people over the next year.

“2010 has been so much better than 2009,” says Sam Hoff, CEO of Patti Engineering. “We have been concentrating on marketing and sales.”

Add partnerships to that list. The control systems integration company has recently been named a Siemens Solution Partner by Siemens Industry. The partnership will allow employees from both firms to work jointly so they can expand market share. “It legitimizes what we have been doing with Siemens for the last five years,” Hoff says.

Hoff started the company with his wife Patti in 1991 after he left his job and had trouble finding another. A colleague didn’t have room for Hoff on his business’ staff, but offered to use Hoff’s services if he started his own firm. Today that company is Patti Engineering.

Source: Sam Hoff, CEO of Patti Engineering
Writer: Jon Zemke