Patti Engineering hires 4, plans to add 10-15 more

After largely holding its ground for the
last year, Patti Engineering is taking significant steps toward serious

The Auburn Hills-based firm has made four hires within
the last year, allowing it to keep its employee count at around 30 over
the last year. It has also opened a new office in Massachusetts to take
advantage of growing business prospects in the northeast section of the

The company has big plans for 2010 and 2011. It expects to
hire another 10-15 people over the next two years. It also is looking at
opening another satellite office later this year.

“We are really
diversifying our offerings to other industries,” says Sam Hoff,
president of Patti

That means continuing to move the 19-year-old
company from its traditional automotive base to other sectors, such as
energy and wastewater treatment and the food and distribution
industries. The company is making an aggressive Internet marketing push,
too, to help grow its business.

Husband-and-wife team Patti and
Sam Hoff started Patti Engineering in 1991 after Sam left his job and
had trouble finding another. One colleague didn’t have room for Sam on
his business’ staff, but offered to use Sam’s services if he started his
own company.

Source: Sam Hoff,
president of Patti Engineering

Writer: Jon Zemke