Patriot Services expands profit margins and payroll

Growth is a key word for Patriot Services now that it’s experienced growth in its revenue, profits, and payroll.

When we last checked in with the Walled Lake-based safety-consulting firm last summer it was clocking 60 percent revenue growth, nine full-time employees, and 20 independent contractors. It’s now counting on 100 percent revenue growth and employs 11 full-timers and 25 independent contractors today. All that extra revenue meant even more in profits.

“From a profitability standpoint, it was significantly more than that (100 percent revenue growth),” says Stephen Potter, CEO and co-founder of Patriot Services.

The firm, run by a former Army Ranger and a recently retired Oakland County Under Sheriff, hopes to continue that growth this year.

“Our primary goal is revenue growth,” Potter says. “If we were to hit 100 percent for the next few years, that would be good.”

Patriot Services has offices in Indianapolis and Cincinnati. The firm helps government bodies from the local level to the feds and private companies prepare for things like natural disasters and terrorist attacks. It plans to go after more federal contracts this year and hopefully add some more people along the way.

Source: Stephen Potter, president of Patriot Services
Writer: Jon Zemke