Oakland County rolls out Venture Forward program for entrepreneurs

Oakland County is looking to give its budding business community a hand up.

Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Center will start
its Venture Forward program next spring. The idea is help mentor,
counsel and support entrepreneurs looking to start their own business.

10-week program will use the FastTrac GrowthVenture system to help
those attending evaluate their opportunities and issues while coming up
with a plan to drive sales and profits.

The entrepreneurs will
develop an overall business strategy for growth, plan for financial
needs so they can avoid cash-flow problems, a structure for efficient
operations and how to find the right people to get the job done.

10 sessions will take place on Friday morning between March 6 and May
8. People can sign up now for $250 or $299 next year. For information,
call Lola Aré at (248) 858-2021 or click here.
Source: Michigan Small Business and Technology Development Center
Writer: Jon Zemke