Oakland County releases business workshops this month

Oakland County is rolling out a number of
business workshops this fall for everyone from the seasoned business
person to the wet behind the ears entrepreneur.

The county is
offering seven classes/workshops throughout September. These workshops
include how to conduct pre-business research, start a business, write a
business plan, grow an existing business, and use QuickBooks Essentials.

“We have some classes that appeal to a wider audience and some that are more specialized,” says Lola Are, director of the Oakland County Business Center.

will also be some more intensive programs that take place over several
weeks. These include the FastTrac NewVenture, a 10-week program that
helps you evaluate business opportunities and develop an action plan
for owning your own business, and FastTrac Growth Venture, another
10-week program designed for owners, CEOs, and top management.

classes/workshop range in size from 15-50 people, but the average size
is about 25-30 students. For information on the classes, call (248)

Source: Lola Are, director of the Oakland County Business Center
Writer: Jon Zemke