New businesses are beacons of hope today

It may not be located on Woodward, but the new Sonic restaurant reminds one of the old Ted’s drive-in that was a beacon for teens from throughout the tri-county area. Obviously, that was eons ago.

But what was old is new again, and so the Sonic, in the short time since its opening this week, has attracted many customers who want to try something new, or just get a feel for what it was like back in the day.

The experience of the Royal Oak restaurant is likely to rival the success of others in the chain, including the Troy location that has shot up to the top since it opened. Will it last, or will it become just another fad that will fade away? Similar venues, such as the A W, with a location on 12 Mile in Berkley, and the old Dogs ‘n’ Suds seen in the South, are perhaps not as plentiful as they once were.

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