Netarx seeks Midwest expansion has 40 open positions

Thirteen years ago, a couple of techies
gave rise to something big — Netarx.

The Auburn Hills company now employs 211 people, a few independent contractors,
and five interns. It has 40 open positions today, six of which became
available this week because the company won another project. It’s come a
long way from when inspiration first hit Duane Tursi and Sandy

“The inspiration was a voracious love of technology
and figuring out ways how businesses can leverage it,” says Tursi,
principal of Netarx.

came of age when the Internet began to go main stream and now focuses
on providing IT, data center, and other technology integration services.
It acquired Analysts International last year to broaden its product
offerings, a move that helped save dozens of jobs in Metro Detroit.

kept about 100 jobs in Michigan,” Tursi says. “The other suitors were
not headquartered in Michigan.”

The firm is seeking expansion to
the west side of the state and into markets in Indiana and Ohio. It’s
also planning on capitalizing on the potential of cloud computing,
an emerging technology in which Netarx has been investing and
developing a customer base over the last two years.

Source: Duane Tursi, co-founder and
principal of Netarx

Jon Zemke