NeoSynergy thrives with partnerships, is looking to add staff

auto-related company that can say it hopes to hire this year is coming
out ahead of the game. Such is the case with Bloomfield Hills-based NeoSynergy.

start-up specializes in Internet advertising for automotive dealers.
That means everything from transferring car dealer ads from newspapers
to websites, and other online auto advertising.

It employed
about 30 people early last year and had high hopes of growing even
bigger, faster. However, today’s economy reared its head and now
NeoSynergy employs eight. But there’s a catch, most of those
22 employees were absorbed by the company’s new partner PowerDex.

PowerDex now bundles NeoSynergy’s products with other online advertising platforms so dealers can get more bang for their buck.

is very important because every dollar spent for the dealer is
critical,” says Patty Cox, a spokeswoman for NeoSynergy. “They need to
know where every dollar goes.”

Today NeoSynergy is working to
drive more traffic to its customers. It’s utilizing help from key
partners like AOL to make this happen. It’s also expanding into
independent and used car dealers.

Cox says NeoSynergy hopes to
hire as many as half a dozen staff this year and is currently looking
for business-development people.

Source: Patty Cox, spokeswoman
Writer: Jon Zemke