Motor City Connect finds connections for local biz

Not all business connections are made at
meetings or glad handing at social events. Sometimes the people never
actually meet each other in person.

Part of that phenomenon in
Metro Detroit is thanks to Motor City Connect. The website/forum/online
networking beehive had 2,000 registered members in November. It has
expanded to 3,800 members today, and easily reaches six figures when it
comes to monthly page views.

The idea is to get people connected outside of the normal coffee meeting or after-work cocktail.

“This is a way to do it 24/7,” says Terry Bean, chief networking officer for Motor City Connect. “It has the ability to give access to resources for professionals to grow their businesses where they need it.”

Bloomfield Township-based website, which employs four people on a
part-time basis, also dabbles in face-to-face networking and is
developing a video introduction model to offer its members.

like to see more active participation,” Bean says. “I’d like to see us
be the catalyst for turning around the economy in the Detroit area.”

Source: Terry Bean, chief networking officer for Motor City Connect
Writer: Jon Zemke