Mobile 2 Mobile USA hires 3, looks to hire more

There are two sorts of people, according
to businessman Bill Smith: Those who use banks and those who don’t.
He’s interested in the kind that don’t.

His 2-year-old start-up, Mobile 2 Mobile USA, is targeting people who don’t have bank accounts to buy things or pay bills. His technology specializes in payments made by cell phone.

compares it to text messaging. When texting first became available
several years ago, it was hardly used. Today, even Smith’s grandmother
sends text messages. He sees secure mobile payment processing
technology taking off in the same fashion.

“Right now we’re in the process of saturating the market with this technology,” says Bill Smith, president of Mobile 2 Mobile USA.

West Bloomfield-based firm is doing well enough at it that it has
expanded from the original two people to five today. He expects to grow
his payroll within the next 12-18 months.

Right now his firm
has seen a lot of growth overseas in countries like the Dominican
Republic. He thinks it could easily take off with college students, too.

Source: Bill Smith, president of Mobile 2 Mobile USA
Writer: Jon Zemke