Michigan Solar & Wind Power Solutions grows staff to 6, looks to hire more

Mark Hagerty didn’t run away when he saw a
perfect storm coming. He ran toward it, and ended up creating Michigan
Solar & Wind Power Solutions.

The Commerce Township-based
firm specializes in installing and connecting alternative energy
systems, such as solar panels and wind turbines. It was a perfect fit
for Hagerty, who had long been involved and invested in alternative
energy companies before starting Michigan Solar & Wind Power
Solutions two years ago.

“I saw a perfect storm coming together
from the legislation being passed to the increase in education,” Hagerty
says. “In every dynamic it was beginning to look like the way to go.”

company has gone from Hagerty alone to six employees and 35 independent
contractors today. Most of that expansion took place in the last year.
He hopes to hire a project manager soon and a few more later this year
to help with the increased workload. Most of Michigan Solar & Wind
Power Solutions’s work revolves around tying solar panels into the
electrical grid.

Hagerty is also seeing two distinct yet
significantly different customers emerge.
The first group is the
environmentalist crowd, while the second is the world-is-about-to-end
survivalist crowd. One wants to improve the environment and the other
wants to be self-sufficient if and when the worst happens. Regardless,
both sides want their solar panels and wind turbines.

“I see the
off-grid, stand-alone systems growing,” Hagerty says. “I see storage
systems like batteries growing, too.”

Source: Mark Hagerty,
president of the Michigan Solar & Wind Power Solutions

Jon Zemke