Metal Imagination transforms hobby biz into rapidly growing firm

Vladimir Gendelman had anything but high expectations for Metal Imagination when he started the metal sculpture website 18 months ago.

serial entrepreneur already had a number of other businesses working
for him, ranging from a graphic design company to an Internet marketing
firm. Metal Imagination was going to be more of a hobby, selling items
he enjoyed.

“I didn’t think it would make it big,” Gendelman says. “I was going to do it just for fun.”

Keego Harbor-based business is a lot of fun this year as sales have
spiked. The company sells H & K Metal Sculptures, such as wine gifts.

are up 2,000 percent from last year. That has allowed Gendelman to
expand his staff from just himself to four people and an independent
contractor. He expects business to triple again next year and add
another 2-3 people over that same time.

Most of this success has
come from search engine optimization, meaning he generates a lot of his
sales from people finding his site through things like Google searches.
As Metal Imagination gains more traffic, he expects it to become more
popular and surface higher on searches.

“It turned out to be way crazier than I expected,” Gendelman says.

Source: Vladimir Gendelman, president of Metal Imagination
Writer: Jon Zemke