MDOT speeds up smart car research in Oakland County

The birthplace for the next generation of smart car is in Oakland County, along Telegraph Road to be exact.

That’s where the Michigan Department of Transportation
will test out new technologies of next-generation vehicle safety and
mobility applications. MDOT will activate between 20 and 30 wireless
radios to broadcast basic traffic signal information.

The brains
behind this experiment want to use the radios to develop
inter-connected smart-car technologies that could one day prevent
crashes, improve mobility and fuel efficiency. The plan is to allow
future smart cars to ‘talk’ to radio stations on the road and even
other vehicles.

MDOT is partnering with the Michigan International Speedway
in Jackson County to use and market its racetrack to agencies that
manufacture and develop these connected vehicle technologies.

research into smart-car and smart-road technology is expected to play a
key role in creating new jobs locally and a better quality of life for

Source: Michigan Department of Transportation
Writer: Jon Zemke