Madison Heights’ GuidePoint Systems launches Droid application

Smartphone applications and GPS technology are a natural combination, at least from the viewpoint of GuidePoint Systems’ leadership.

The Madison Heights-based firm has produced an iPhone app for its services and just devised an app for the Google Droid smartphone platform. It’s also working on a similar one for Blackberries and the Palm Pre.

“This really is a natural extension for us,” says Brian Edwards, vice president for GuidePoint Systems. “Most smartphones have GPS in them and a wireless connection.”

The circa-2002 firm sells a complete package that integrates GPS, advanced wireless technology, the Internet, and full-time response centers to provide stolen vehicle recovery, driver safety and convenience, vehicle tracking, and fleet management services. Guidepoint is sold as an alternative to Lojack, OnStar, and other branded products.

It also offers free apps which allow smartphone users to control their vehicles or gain access to a variety of location-based services including stolen vehicle recovery, driving directions, emergency help and other assistance. The Droid (a market that is just hitting its first growth spurt) was a natural expansion for GuidePoint Systems because the Droid is fast becoming a popular alternative to the iPhone.

“The bigger picture for us is we’re not a tech company,” Edwards says. “We’re a service company. We use technology to enhance the services we provide.”

GuidePoint Systems employs a staff of 40 in Oakland County and has a Texas office with 30 people. It expects to hire again this year.

Source: Brian Edwards, vice president for GuidePoint Systems
Writer: Jon Zemke