Macomb-OU INCubated EnerWatch hires 6

Metro Detroit’s empty commercial buildings
aren’t a problem for EnerWatch. They are an opportunity.

3-year-old start-up specializes in making commercial buildings energy
efficient through monitoring and killing energy hogs before they eat too
much money. It uses a software program to measure energy usage and find
other problem areas, such as water leaks or sub-par air quality.

saw there was a lot of energy waste in facilities, especially in new
construction and vacant buildings,” says Dominic Pizzo, president and
CEO of EnerWatch.

The Macomb-OU INCubator-based
company signed six large contracts last year, which allowed it to hire
six people. It now has a staff of nine and expects to add another five
over the next year. It is also looking for investment from angels or
venture capital firms to help finance future growth.

Source: Dominic Pizzo, president and CEO of

Writer: Jon Zemke