KUBT grows domestic lithium ion battery market

South Korea-based KUBT has plenty of lithium ion battery work overseas, but none in North America. It recently opened a satellite office in Bloomfield Hills to remedy that.

The three-person operation focuses on teaching and consulting with businesses on the ins and outs of building lithium ion batteries, which are widely seen as the key component to the electrification of the automobile. It will be holding a seminar on manufacturing these batteries, which is seen as an emerging market in Metro Detroit, on Aug. 25.

“Most  people don’t know how to assemble lithium ion batteries safely and efficiently,” says Dimitrios Cecil, president of KUBT.

KUBT expects to grow its office as it sells its service locally and across North America. It plans to hire 10-20 new people over the next year, mostly for sales, engineering, and technical positions.

Source: Dimitrios Cecil, president of KUBT
Writer: Jon Zemke