ISM spreads wings internationally with new work

Uncle Sam calls Faris Alami’s company, Integration Systems Management, but everyone else knows it as ISM.

Regardless of the name the Madison Heights-based firm and its dozen employees are starting to earn a rep across the country and around the world. So much so that the firm is looking at spinning off some of its operations so it can continue to maximize its growth.

“We have picked up clients from California to New York to India,” Alami says.

Integration Systems Management specializes in marketing, information security and cultural/diversity training and services to small and mid-sized companies. Alami started it in 2003 and has grown it to a staff of about a dozen people, including independent contractors. He is also looking into starting an internship program this year.

He hopes to use those interns to continue to grow his business and perhaps even turn them into employees soon.

Source: Faris Alami, president and CEO of Integration Systems Management
Writer: Jon Zemke