Group homes reduce obstacles

Farmington Hills’ facility opens up to reduce obstacles for disabled.


The nonprofit, formerly known as the Jewish Association for
Residential Care, plans to dedicate and unveil its 20th group facility
Tuesday in Farmington Hills. It’s one of the first barrier-free green
homes in the country.

Work on the Nusbaum Home kicked off in
July 2008 and wrapped up in June. “We decided to build this one not
only to meet the current and future needs of the people who live there
but to make it environmentally responsible,” CEO Rick Lowenstein said.

tore down a two-story structure at the site, salvaging most of it for
resale. In its place stands a 3,191-square-foot home using recycled
materials and eco-friendly paint, geothermal heat and water, bamboo
floors, energy savings-rated doors and appliances, and water conserving
landscaping. The open floor plan also includes roll-in showers as well
as wide hallways and doorways.

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