Gongos Research hires 21, looking for more growth

When it comes to making the best use of interns, Metro Detroit firms should pay attention to Gongos Research.

Auburn Hills-based company has hired four interns since the start of
2008, including one of its two hires so far this year. Those interns
make up some of the 21 people the company has hired since January of
last year. It has expanded its payroll from 75 people last summer to 80 this year.

Research conducts consumer research for businesses of all sizes,
including the big boys like Domino’s Pizza and GM. One of the ways it
does this through polls, surveys and dialogues within consumer online
research communities. That information helps tailor ad campaigns, new
products, or even menu items.

“What we have seen is more clients
looking for more ways to conduct traditional research within online
communities,” says Greg Heist, director of research innovation &
technology at Gongos Research.

But the
company sees that mindset changing this summer, enough that it expects
its new clients to grow their workload as things get back to normal.
Moving forward, its new products, like iCommunities, are expected to
spur even more business.

“We’ve already laid the ground work to make that happen,” Heist says.

Source: Greg Heist, director of research innovation & technology at Gongos Research
Writer: Jon Zemke