Gongos Research hires 16, still has 10 openings

Gongos Research employs a pretty progressive policy when it comes to its employees. When times got tough last year, the Auburn Hills-based firm didn’t go with the knee jerk reaction of laying everyone off to balance its budget. It let its employees rise to the challenge.

“After the second quarter of last year, every employee was encouraged to take on the company’s business-development strategy,” says Susan Scarlet, a spokeswoman for Gongos Research.

That means they were encouraged to go out and find more customers for the company. They were also asked for ways to help cut waste and save money for both the company and its clients.

“It’s a combination of empowering everyone and building stronger bonds with our existing clients,” Scarlet says.

That led to Gongos Research’s continued growth. It has hired 16 people since July, allowing it to expand its payroll to about 85 employees, another 3-4 independent contractors and four full-time paid interns. Many of those interns become full-time employees. The company currently has 10 openings and hopes to continue hiring at this current pace for 2010.

Research conducts consumer research for businesses,
including the likes of Domino’s Pizza and GM. One of the ways it
does this is through polls, surveys and dialogues within consumer online
research communities. That information helps tailor ad campaigns, new
products or even menu items.

Source: Susan Scarlet, a spokeswoman for Gongos Research
Writer: Jon Zemke