Global IT launches “Veterans Information Security Initiative”

In an effort to address the growing need for cybersecurity professionals in Michigan, Global Information Technology has created an Information Security training program aimed specifically to help Military Veterans gain entry to information technology jobs. The “Veterans Information Security Initiative” specifically aids unemployed veterans who are seeking education and have an interest in pursuing employment in the technology field. The training can be acquired with the Post 9-11 GI Bill, and job placement assistance is provided to each veteran on an individual level.

“We have created an Information Technology training course that will enable Veterans to obtain a certification as a Certified Ethical Hacker, Cisco Certified Network Associate, Certified Information Systems Security Professional, and in COMP TIA Security +,” said Director Manish Modi. “Another positive aspect to our program is that the course begins with an A+ Certification, which can help veterans begin work quickly with placement into entry level roles such as Computer Repair and Help Desk Support.”

The State of Michigan has been ramping up cybersecurity awareness programs in collaboration with private industry recently.  In an effort to combat the 2.5 million daily cyber-attacks on government infrastructure, Governor Rick Snyder spearheaded the creation of the Michigan Cyber Civilian Corps, a group of trained cyber experts who volunteer as contractors to the State Of Michigan should the Governor declare a state of emergency due to a security breach.

“We’re a big state so we probably get attacked more than other states just because of the size of our state, but I’m proud to say we’re a leader in helping to address security issues so we want to continue that path,” Michigan Governor Rick Snyder said in while addressing the crowd at a cybersecurity event held annually in Ann Arbor. “I don’t think most organizations are really fully prepared to respond if they had an attack happen to them. The smaller ones we can manage, but if we had a big one or one that affects sectors of our economy, we are not prepared for that.”

In addition to providing accelerated IT training in Information Security, Programming, Computer Support, Networking, and Development; Global Information Technology also has made considerable strides in job placement efforts.

“I am currently running at a 90 percent success rate for Veterans that I work with here at the school and truly feel we have a world-class job placement center,” said Global Information Technology Technical Placement Manager Jason Chapman. “Sure, we do open up lots of opportunities for veterans to begin working directly for our various partners in the IT industry, but I also make sure that they create a professional online footprint, are exposed to expert career coaches, become involved in the IT networking community, and are prepared to navigate the new job market.”

To make an appointment with a VA Certified Career Counselor at Global Information Technology, Veterans are encouraged to call 248-557-2480 extension 109.