capitalizes on new film industry in Michigan

Michigan’s new film incentives sparked a good bit of entrepreneurialism in Metro Detroit and one of the fires that is just getting started is at

The Clawson-based firm launched in January with the idea of connecting filmmakers with local talent and resources, such as shooting locations.’s website aims to make that easier by providing pictures and descriptions of these resources so filmmakers don’t have to drive all over Metro Detroit to find a place to shoot.

“We saw an opportunity and did something different than the conventional ways these things are done,” says Jenny Feterovich, managing partner with

Right now the website has 5,500 listings of local people, locations, and transportation options. It’s now working on a city showcase where cities will be allowed to show off their assets.

Since its founding, the company expanded to three staffers and a handful of contractors. Feterovich hopes to add more people within the next year as the company takes on more listings and expands into videos and commercial work.

“We see growth on both ends, picking up more projects and adding more people to our site,” Feterovich says.

Source: Jenny Feterovich, managing partner with
Writer: Jon Zemke