ePrize revenues up 26%, plans to hire 15 employees

Pleasant Ridge-based ePrize has become so successful it can’t help but feel the ups and downs of the overall economy. The 11-year-old firm took a hit when the economy tanked and big business cut marketing budgets in recent years, but is now on the rise as the economy recovers.

“This year, we’re doing great,” says Josh Linkner, chairman and founder of ePrize. “We’re back in growth mode. We’re hiring and back in the groove.”

The Internet contest company now has 300 employees and another 30 independent contractors and interns. Its revenues are up 26 percent, allowing it to resume hiring. The company has 15 open positions and expects to add another 20-50 jobs over the next year.

Linkner calls the recent downturn “just a blip” on ePrize’s overall growth streak. The company specializes in interactive promotions and sweepstakes and has developed and managed thousands of campaigns for major corporate brands, including: Coca-Cola, Visa, General Motors, Target, the Detroit Tigers, Sony, Blockbuster, Yahoo!, and The Gap. Linkner says the company continues to grow its client list and expand its Metro Detroit business.

“We think the Detroit region is a great place to be successful,” Linkner says. “We want to be part of it.”

Source: Josh Linkner, chairman and founder of ePrize
Writer: Jon Zemke