Destination Media continues march across nation

Usually dropping from the Top 15 to the Top 20 is a bad thing, but not for Destination Media.

Oak Park-based firm has expanded its reach from the Top 15 markets in
the U.S. to the Top 20. The gas pump TVs reach more than 350 million
viewers each year in more than 800 cities across the country.

advertising medium, called “out-of-home”, is the one of the fastest
growing markets around. Second only to the Internet, it’s expected to
grow 25 percent annually through 2011.

The idea behind the
market is to reach captive consumers for about 5 minutes during a
natural pause point in their day. Or put more simply as they stand
idle, pumping gas or waiting in line at the register.

The gas
pump TVs offer only one channel that shows news from CBS, sports from
ESPN and local weather, along with, of course, commercials. Offering
only one channel eliminates channel surfing or multitasking that could
redirect the consumer’s attention. The content is specifically tailored
to geography and time of day.

While it has been expanding its
market share, Destination Media has slimmed down its workforce from 38
to 35. However, company officials expect to add more employees in 2009.
They declined to give an estimate on how many.  

Source: Elin Nozewski, spokeswoman for Destination Media
Writer: Jon Zemke