Companies to show off 100 MPG hummer

The 100 MPG Hummer might come out of the Auburn Hills based engineering center for FEV.


The Electric Hummer H3 was developed by Raser
Technologies and its integration partner FEV in cooperation with
General Motors and its Hummer division.

FEV’s North American engineering center is in Auburn Hills.

“Americans value the versatility of trucks and SUVs, the number one
selling vehicles in America, but we also want to do what’s right for
the environment,” said Higginson. “This vehicle demonstrates that
through innovation, we can do both.”

The full-size SUV is a four-wheel drive vehicle designed to achieve
more than 100 mpg in typical local daily driving with near zero
emissions by driving up to 40 miles per day in all-electric mode. For
extended trips, a small internal combustion engine (range extender)
kicks in to recharge the batteries.

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