CJPS Medical Systems’ partnership to produce power-assisted wheelchairs

CJPS Medical Systems LLC of Auburn Hills announced a partnership with Ralco Industries, signing a new agreement that will combine CJPS Medical Systems’ newest wheelchair power-assist technology with Ralco’s cutting-edge wheelchairs.

Planning to distribute globally from CJPS world headquarters, the company will focus efforts in manufacturing and sales to wheelchair distributors looking to improve existing models while Ralco will become the lead manufacturer for factory-installed systems.


“This power-assist technology is comprised of a sophisticated and patented mini computer system which allows wheelchair users to move in an effortless and resistant-free manner. Not only does this technology allow the user to move much more easily on rough terrain such as grass or inclines, but it also automatically slows the wheelchair down to a stop when going downhill without having to use hands as the braking system.”

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