Bingham Farms’ ComSpec adds 4 employees, looks to add 4 more

Most of the time diversifying your business is code in Michigan for finding income streams from outside of the auto industry. Not so with ComSpec International.

The Bingham Farms-based firm has created customized software for marketing firms for years. It still does that today, but also creates software packages for institutions of higher learning that run everything but the academic aspect of the school, such as billing and housing.

It’s a side business the 26-year-old company came up with 14 years ago. It’s also one it couldn’t have come up with without a flexible staff of 30 employees and the occasional independent contractor. That’s after the company just added four people and hopes to add another four in the near future.

“We have a lot of great people,” says Bob Brender, president of ComSpec International. “They will bounce back and forth from the custom side to the higher education side.”

ComSpec International has signed on 65 universities and colleges to its higher education package. They include some local schools, like Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit and Finlandia University in the Upper Peninsula. It just signed on the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.

“We have a fair amount of enhancements going into our new product,” Brender says.

Source: Bob Brender, president of ComSpec International
Writer: Jon Zemke