Becoming a verb equals success for data start-up ParseNIP

Paul Johnston and Kris Wenzel don’t always measure the success of their start-up, ParseNIP, by its bottom line. Sometimes success can be defined in how people use the New Hudson-based company’s name.

“If our customers start using our products as a verb then I know we have that snowball rolling down the hill,” Johnston says, adding he wants his customers to say “just ParseNIP it” when it comes to data migration and management.

ParseNIP has created software that can easily convert data from one format to another, effectively removing the language barrier between some operating systems so databases can be combined and easily accessed.

Johnston and Wenzel have spent years developing the technology and recently launched a public Beta. They are getting ready to transfer the software to a 10-day trial period and focus on creating the best possible user experience for their customers, which they want to expand to a broad range of users outside of the traditional software crowd.

“We want to target this to the accountant or the human resources representative,” Wenzel says.

ParseNIP is currently a two-person operation but Johnston and Wenzel hope to grow their team this year as their technology becomes more widely adopted.

Source: Paul Johnston and Kris Wenzel, co-founders of ParseNIP
Writer: Jon Zemke

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