Assistive Technology of Mich blends engineering and med tech for profits

Ghassan “Gus” Souri loved engineering in college. He also loved the medical field. While most people choose one or the other passion to pursue as a career, Souri decided to take the road less traveled and combined the two.

That led to the creation of Assistive Technology of Michigan in 1999. The Novi-based firm helps businesses and public organizations make their buildings barrier free to people with disabilities.

That goes beyond the stereotypical ramps for people in wheelchairs. It can mean creating computer workstations that are accessible to people with disabilities in places like libraries.

“This was a happy marriage of the two,” Souri says.

And a happy business for Souri. Although he is the main employee for it, he also farms out work to local independent contractors from time to time. 

Assistive Technology of Michigan has grown 30 percent in the last year. It has been able to do that by working with the likes of the Michigan Rehabilitation Service Agency. Even with this growth, Souri wants to diversify his business into areas like integrating voice-recognition systems and perhaps even hire some help.

Source: Ghassan “Gus” Souri, owner and rehabilitation engineer of Assistive Technology of Michigan
Writer: Jon Zemke