ANXeBusiness double its size, expects to double again

A couple of years ago, ANXeBusiness was half the size it is today. That’s a good thing for the Southfield-based firm software developer.

Then it was just under 40 employees. Today it has 90 people and an intern thanks to the acquisition of four companies mixed in with some organic growth. ANXeBusiness hopes to repeat that feat again sometime soon.

“In the next year to 18 months we will probably double the size of the company again,” says Jim Michels, vice president of marketing and sales for ANXeBusiness.

That’s come a long way from the company that started with 20 people in 1999. Then it was part of an initiative to streamline information sharing between car manufacturers and their suppliers.

ANXeBusiness has since evolved its product lineup beyond the automotive sector. It has customers in areas such as health-care and retail. Major League Baseball even uses one of ANXeBusiness’ software products to help keep its statistics.

The company now has offices in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, Philadelphia, Cleveland, San Diego and Toronto.

Source: Jim Michels, vice president of marketing and sales for ANXeBusiness
Writer: Jon Zemke