A green light amid the gloom of the recession

Michigan is poised for a growth in green technology and building amid trying economic times.


“This is the future,” says Oakland County Commissioner Jim Nash, a longtime
proponent of green development strategies.

The way he sees it, amid all the negative trends that have combined to
create economic disaster, another convergence also under way offers hope. Describing what he
calls “a sort of perfect storm, but in a good way,” Nash and others point to four factors:

No. 1: widespread realization that continued dependence on Middle
Eastern oil poses a clear economic and national security threat to the United States. No. 2: the
financial imperative to reduce energy costs at all levels. No. 3: acceptance that climate change
must be addressed by reducing use of carbon-based fuels. All three points demand a change in the
way this nation deals with its energy issues.

Add to this mix No. 4: a new president who has made investment in green
technology and energy efficiency a top priority – with a promised investment of $150 billion
over the next 10 years – and there’s no doubt change is coming, Nash says.

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