Kruse and Muer to open Independence Twp. location

Bill Kruse, a founding partner of the local restaurant chain Kruse and Muer, long wished to open an eatery in Independence Twp. Originally setting his sights on the building which now houses Mesquite Creek, he also expressed interest in purchasing the nearby Clarkston Cafe.

Kruse finally got his wish. The company announced they’ve purchased the 2,500 sq. ft. Deer Lake Inn, located on Dixie Highway, with plans to open a Clarkston Kruse and Muer in early 2012.


“I’ve always liked the location. When the location became available, I moved on it quite quickly,” said Kruse. “It will be somewhat more casual than our regular Kruse and Muer, but it will still have the Kruse and Muer bread, the fresh fish and the pastas. Everything people like about Kruse and Muer will still be there.”

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