Smaller, cheaper solar panels built in Oakland County

Two big time execs team up to to research and build a smaller, cheaper
solar power cell right in Oakland County.


“We have developed a number of breakthroughs and we have full-patent
protection,” said Stempel, who added that the initial research was
carried out at Ovshinsky Innovations, the small company Ovshinsky
created after leaving ECD.

The key to the new process is that it
uses less material. It’s also faster and can run 24/7, helping drive
down the cost of the finished product. “Cost is the key in solar
business,” Stempel said.

“We have a proof of concept but people
want to look at the production system before they invest,”  Stempel
said. “Stan is a master at that.”

The solar panel company also
has now been spun off from Ovshinsky Innovations and has been moved to
a site in Troy where a small team of handpicked employees has been
working on the project.

The goal ultimately is to launch the new
company, Ovshinsky Solar, and make solar panels in Oakland County for a
broad market, Stempel said. “We’re hoping to be able to make that
happen,” he said.

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