Schools, townships offer recycling options

Schools and townships in Oakland County are building up their recycling efforts and offering residents outlets.


Department of Public Works Director Linda Richardson is
looking at avenues to keep the service open to those residents who need
a place to recycle. She will make a presentation to the Independence
Township Board in January on a per-visit fee arrangement.

ranked lowest in recycling rates compared to Minnesota, Indiana,
Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio, according to the Michigan Recycling
Partnership. The low rate was cited in a Resource Recycling Systems
study presented to northern Oakland County townships earlier this fall.

Disposal and Recycling Company in Independence Township offers
customers curbside pickup of recyclables. The company’s recycling
trucks pick up tin cans, aluminum cans, foil, pie tins, newspapers,
office paper, envelopes, magazines, junk mail, phone books, paperboard,
cardboard, glass, any plastic that comes from the grocery store and
grocery bags. The company does not recycle Styrofoam.

recycling center provided by Independence Township Department of Public
Works was scheduled to close at the end of December because of budget
cuts. The center primarily serves residents with garbage haulers that
do not pick up recyclables, and residents living in apartments and
condos who tend not to have recycling available. The center is also one
of the only ways residents can recycle motor oil, tires and hazardous

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