OU Med school to open; helps builds county’s future as biotech leader

With a new medical school, a partnership between Oakland University and Beaumont Hospitals, slated to open Aug. 6, The Daily Tribune of Royal Oak says Oakland County is poised to become one of the nation’s leaders in biotech.

Innovative companies, vacant office space and the forthcoming training institution for new doctors will make Oakland County a leader in bioengineering, the paper predicts.

It also may provide added stimulus to the local economy.


Pete Auger, City Manager of Auburn Hills, said the school is an asset to the community. “We’re still hoppin’. We’re still growing. We’re exploring a lot of new companies,” Auger said.

Hills Mayor James McDonald, said, “It’s going to be a boon for our
city. Other things are in the planning stage, but it’s here. This could lead to mom and pop establishments coming to Auburn Hills.”

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