Oakland University-Beaumont medical school files accreditation application

The Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine has filed an application for preliminary accreditation with the Liaison Committee for Medical Education, the national accrediting body for medical schools.

The application for preliminary accreditation is the second step in a five-step LCME process that must be completed to achieve full accreditation status.

“We developed a comprehensive plan for the medical school to establish an innovative, student-centered learning environment; to nurture front-line medical research; and to promote competence, compassion, integrity and passion for lifelong learning among our students,” said Robert Folberg, M.D., founding dean of the medical school.

The Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine will capitalize on the strength of OU’s highly acclaimed human health and life sciences programs and research, as well as Beaumont Hospitals’ nationally recognized resident and fellowship programs, medical specialty services and renowned medical research initiatives.

If the LCME reviews the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine application favorably, the LCME will conduct a site visit. Based on the survey team report, the LCME then votes on granting preliminary accreditation to the program.

If preliminary accreditation is granted, school officials may begin accepting student applications in the spring of 2010 and welcome the school’s inaugural class in the fall of 2011.