Oakland County unanimously passes budget for 2018-2020

The Oakland County Board of Commissioners approved County Executive L. Brooks Patterson’s balanced, three-year budget 19-0 today which invests in people and technology for fiscals 2018-2020. The county will invest in capital projects that will transform the way employees communicate and collaborate with each other as well as with the public. Plus, the budget will boost the county’s efforts to position itself as an employer of choice.

“Thank you to all elected county officials who worked together to pass a balanced, three-year budget that responsibly addresses all known fiscal issues,” Patterson said, “The budget invests in technology that will vastly improve our ability to deliver great customer service and enables us to attract and retain outstanding employees.”

The technology upgrades in the budget include:

  • A unified communications system to replace its analog telephone and voicemail systems that will provide peer-to-peer video conferencing, establish private wireless access to enable mobility, and improve connectivity among county facilities.
  • Replacement of the county’s financial and human resources (HR) system in order to leverage improved business processes and technology. The county will identify and implement new enterprise-wide systems which will include modules for accounting, financial planning, receivables, payables, purchasing and vendor management.
  • Implementation of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) which will transform the county’s working environment and improve team member satisfaction while enhancing technical security and operational performance. The benefits of VDI include increased security, easier support, and better availability. It also enables new workforce strategies such as working remotely and enabling employees to bring their own devices.
  • Installation of a new firearms training system for sheriff deputies which uses five interconnected borderless screens to create a fully immersive 300 degree environment that trains deputies how to continue to assess situations and expand situational awareness during high stress incidents.

Because of the improving economy, there is increased competition for new hires. Therefore, Oakland County will provide a general salary increase of three percent for fiscal 2018, one percent for 2019, and one percent for 2020.

Oakland County will continue to monitor closely whether Michigan will meet its constitutional obligation to fully fund all of its mandates on indigent defense. If the state fails to meet the requirements of the Headlee Amendment, it could cost Oakland County taxpayers millions of dollars a year.

The proposed general fund budgets for fiscals 2018, 2019, and 2020 are $454,727,322; $462,382,572; and $467,494,245, respectively. The total budgets for all funds for those years are $878,474,167; $882,515,266; and $887,209,580, respectively.

To view the budget, go to https://www.oakgov.com/mgtbud/fiscal/Pages/default.aspx.