Oakland County Parks gets a new jewel

A new addition to Independence Oaks park is being called the “crown jewel” of the Oakland County Parks system, 186 acres of unblemished green space that will be open for visitors this spring.

It took more than a decade for Oakland County Parks officials to negotiate the sale of the Upper Bushman property, as it’s called. But those officials are saying the land is well worth the time.


spring, the public will get to walk through a hardwood-conifer swamp,
gaze into a wetland with rare natural features such as southern wet
meadow and prairie fen or fish from a 31-acre once-private lake.

Or perhaps the deer, beavers, coyotes and sandhill cranes roaming the
natural area will draw city and country folks alike to Oakland County’s
newest land jewel.

The property will be open to the public in April. Read about the Upper Bushman property here.