New marker reveals hidden chapter of Hills history

Light is shed on some Farmington Hills history thanks to new marker.


Anyone driving toward the Vagnozzi Visitor Center in the historic Spicer house will no doubt notice the small pond on the north side of the road. But the story of how this pond came to exist has been a hidden chapter in Farmington Hills history, until now.

A historic marker now identifies the Stuart Little Pond, so named by the Spicer family, who donated the Heritage Park property and several historic buildings to the community. As the story goes, in the spring of 1953, 12-year-old Eleanor Olney Spicer, eldest daughter of Eleanor Goodenough Spicer, had been walking her dog, Stuart Little (named after the beloved children’s book by E.B. White), when the toy Manchester terrier chased a small animal into a drain pipe, where he became stuck.

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